The height of luxury dining in the heart of Monsey

Delectable food. Personal service. Upscale ambiance.

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A Premier Kosher Steakhouse Experience

At The Ridge, our elegant atmosphere is the perfect complement to our high-end kosher cuisine. Enjoy the perfect combination of delicious food, luxurious environment, and exceptional service

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An ambiance you can taste

It’s the small details that create the feeling of peace and relaxation that envelope you as you enter The Ridge. From the decor to the lighting to the tablecloths, you’ll enjoy a break from the daily hustle in calm, comfortable surroundings.

a wooden cutting board topped with meat and a bowl of mashed potatoes

A pleasure for your palate

The Ridge is an authentic steakhouse featuring the finest cuts of meat, the freshest ingredients, and an expansive drink menu. With food that looks as tempting as it tastes, you’ll savor every bite.

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Indulge  yourself

We care about your personal preferences, and we aim to make your night a delightful dining experience. Whether it’s the seating, menu, or timing, our staff will cater to all of your needs.

Celebrate with great food and great company

With seating for up to 50 guests, our party room is the perfect location for your celebration.

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Order to-go

Dine in or take the magic home. Order your favorites from the menu and enjoy that special flavor wherever you are.

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Gift for any occasion

Gift your family and friends with the ultimate dining experience. Order a gift card to The Ridge in the amount of your choice for a present that is always appreciated.

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Elevate your dining experience

Enjoy your night out in good taste

We look forward to serving you

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